There are hundreds of news sites online – in fact, the internet is absolutely swarming with news. Instead of doing a regular, boring news site for our local area, we thought – why not put it in videos? There are hundreds of places in this area of Scotland that do wonderfully in the written word, however, as they say: a picture speaks 1,000 words. So, how many words can a video say?

We are a small group of locals who are passionate about our hometown – some of us are newbies to the area and some have been living here since childhood. We wanted to find a way to help the local community. We wanted to bring in tourists, share our images online and encourage those who haven’t heard of this small town to come and check it out. Locals know that this area is fantastic, however, with our images and videos, we want to encourage others to move, enjoy, eat, drink and dance here!

This website was born up in the imaginations of us locals. Sitting around the pub one evening, we realised we were all aspiring videographers. However, our styles are very different. We are also aspiring creatives – writers, painters, readers, videographers and photographers. Try and guess which of us has created whatever you’re looking at, each time you check back. And, never forget – always get in touch!