What to Do When Travelling and It’s Raining

Rain can be a very inspiring occurrence, yet it can also lead some people to bleak thoughts. More often than not, rain is supplemented by grey skies and a gloomy mood, at least for some people. Others turn to their mobile phones and find an easy solution to the possible gloom of a rainy day.

If you have no idea how to get through a rainy day, here are some things you can do to make your travel time more interesting.

Casino Games

Technology made online casino games available to everyone with an internet connection. Chances are that when traveling, you will be able to use your data connection or the onboard WiFi. If you plan on playing casino games, make sure to find a good site and application to play on, and also check whether the site in question has any bonuses for you. Look for stuff similar to these Winorama bonus codes and make sure to read the fine prints to make sure you can actually use them properly. Always remember that if you’re going to gamble, to do so responsibly.

Podcasts and Audiobooks

The best way to productively use your excess time, such as travel time, is to listen to podcasts or audiobooks. Audiobooks often need to be purchased, but some sites offer them along with your monthly subscription. There probably are some free audiobooks, if not, definitely e-books you could easily locate.

Podcasts are widely available, whether on SoundCloud or simply TED Talks, for a lot of free and educational content.

Video Games

Video games are often the go-to solution when traveling. They are simple and full of engagement and entertainment. Some prefer playing online games, which can be a hassle if your connection is not stable, which can happen while traveling, so offline games are probably the thing you should turn to.


Simply put, listening to music is a great way of spending time, especially because you can match it with the weather. Blues for a rainy day, almost perfect, depending on your taste. There are various streaming services you can use to listen to music, from YouTube to Spotify. You can also have your own files and playlists handy, if you need higher quality music.

Movies and TV Shows

Mobile phones have storage large enough to fit entire seasons of TV shows, let alone a single movie. You can make your playlist beforehand, as movies and TV shows, however compressed, still take a lot of space and downloading or streaming could be bad if you have a limited data plan or if your onboard WiFi is lackluster, or non-existent, depending on the transport.

Whether you will choose to play some online games, be a punter, listen to music or watch movies, there are plenty of things you can do onboard while traveling in rain. Whichever thing you choose, you will likely pass the time without noticing it. Engaged in your favorite activity, any trip, however bad the weather might be, can be entertaining.