Events Happening in the Town

Are you wondering what is happening in Stonehaven? Well, there is actually more happening than you might first expect for such a place! There are many places where you can take photos and videos in this town.

First off, let’s talk about the farmers and produce market which is happening in the town. Here, you’ll find exactly what it says on the tin AND a lot more! There are always locals around, buzzing to chat to you and your family, sell you their produce and even share some of the stories of the town. Don’t forget to ask for a photo and send it into our website. This farmers and produce market is happening at the Market Square in Stonehaven. Amazingly, the event happens on the very first Saturday of every month. That is excluding January – turns out not many people want to wake up early in the cold winter months.

The times that you are able to visit the market are between 9am and 1pm. However, make sure that you get to the market early so you can get the very best of everything on offer! You will be disappointed if you arrive and all of the best food is gone! Better yet, the event is FREE so you can wander around and get out of the house without having to stress about an expensive day out. Don’t forget to bring your kids and a big basket for the delicious food you’ll no doubt be purchasing.

At this event, you’ll come across all kinds of animals, foods, people, locals and tourists. The stonehavenvideo team are hoping to visit very soon so we can share with our readers who aren’t based in this fantastic town the glories of the market. But, for now, you’ll simply have to use your imagination and check back every Saturday at the beginning of every month.